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Unpopular opinion about art : Break out of the Mold

Hi everyone ! Shuli here. I'd like to discuss a little controversial matter about art. First of all, what is art? To me it's a way of self expression and exploration that goes deep within. To others, it might just be nonsense onto a wall or a canvas but today, truly I'd like to assess a certain reality contemporary emergent artists face along their journey to the surface.

Remember that art class you had to take back in elementary school? The one where let's say Mrs. Jones asked to to carve out the sculpture in a certain way or to use brighter colors to fit along a historical concept of art you probably don't even recall of today?

This is what I'm talking about. Constraining the creative energy of art. Teaching young kids to fit within a mold even during their only creative time of the day or even week! I find this to be quite sad as it feels to me as there is a certain repression to how artists can show themselves to the world still in 2021.

I did not go to art school. For a matter of fact, I decided not to go in order not to lose my passion and my safe zone for pure expression.

Many artists may not agree with my way of seeing things as they admire their predecessors and find pride in the evolution of art and, just to be clear, I do not blame them or call them wrong even. I am simply bringing to the table an uncensored version of art that I believe should be more available to any aspiring artists out there.

Whenever I'd bring my art some place, it felt like they had to evaluate its potential of fitting within a certain category, a certain frame of mind, words defining the shape form and vibe within a giant spectrum of interpretation. Pop art, contemporary art, expressionism, realism, you name it. Most representing an art period or a name to regroup every similar style within a box to tag and identify within its time and style.

Once, I was even told one of my paintings was good enough and if I could make more similar to this one they would be glad to expose them. To this I responded with pride, yes ,but also with a strong belief that each of my art pieces are meant to be unique and that I did not have any similar piece in my collection and wouldn't do so either way.

-- The blank page: Beauty behind a world of infinite possibility --

A creative world for everyone

Yes, that is right. This is what I believe in and this is what I want to make accessible. A safe space for artists to express themselves and promote their art. No matter the labels, the style, the origin of the silky material or recycled card box. The inspiration from a time period or the dream that just had to be concretized into acrylics silver linings and pearls. I want it all. No judgment, no fear, no superior complex. Any art in my eyes is worth more than a thousand words. Each has its unique story or circumstance and shouldn't be scaled or perfected to please the eye of another. After all, don't we know the saying? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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Hope you've enjoyed today's topic !

Stay safe


Shu Li

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