Acid Dreams

Acid Dreams

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Are Dreams real? Aren't they part of reality? "Acid Dreams" is my perception of dreams such as other places where things can get trippy without an inch of substance. It is where everything is not really clear yet acts as some kind of key to parallel realities. To me, dreams are definitely an access to different dimensions. It is the part of my brain that is least conditioned and structured. In my eyes, the most creative part of ourselves is the deepest of our void and our voice. Dreams are beautiful and scary but I feel they are necessary. We can see the past the future or even things or see people we haven't  even met. Dreams are like what I imagine acid to be. Dreams depict another reality and that is why they are so pretty and intriguing to me. Just like books of fiction they bring me some other place safely and just like that life is filled with hope and adventure and this feeds me. It makes me enjoy this reality even more and makes me want to spice up the other parallel world I am awake in everyday and make it as magical :)