Human Nature

Human Nature

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12'' x 24''



Sometimes we see us humans versus nature and sometimes we see all as one. This representation includes both perspectives interwined where the chaos is beautiful and where the elements are powerful. Painting this was like organizing a brainstorm and it was really fun! This painting grounded me to elements surrounding me in times where changes of the seasons awakened me to the magic that surrounds this chance of being alive. Breathing, having access to water and clarity, sparks of light bringing heat and warmth, seeing the wonders of life sometimes just hanging on by a thread of hope. Every aspect having it's own role to play even the veins of our bodies reminding me of the chanals of sap in a tree. Like the air bender maybe we should realise that it might not be like in movies but we do all have this gift of having access to fairy dust even if, in our eyes, it is just spects of gold meant to be sold in tiny jars or to be displayed as ornements that remind us of time passing by..