In the mighty jungle

In the mighty jungle






Sometimes I just wish to understand which laws intervene with nature. Why is the lion a king among the savana ? Did you ever see girafes fight with their necks. Marvelous. I thought why shouldn't I represent the jungle with a colorful friendly giraffe. Because why not? Things aren't always meant to be seen in the same perspective and that is where my creativity and daydreaming out of the box character comes from. Being open minded shows hidden beauties of this world and this is something I wish to achieve by spreading though my art different messages. Being unique is a gift and it should be associated to pride because self-empowerment is truly the best gift we can offer oursevlves. I think you don't need to change for anyone but you can do whichever makes you, You. Be who you want to be and just like this bright red giraffe you will orchestrate your own role among the wild life surrounding you and stand tall amongst all. Make yourself your own priority is what I encourage you all to do.