Northern Starry Lights

Northern Starry Lights

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I remember when my mother used to push me and my brother outside in winter for fresh air. I didn't want to go and the only way she would convince me was by offering a hot chocolate when I would get back inside. After mindlessly attempting to create a snow ball I would often stare in awe at the sky searching for the brightest light which I referred to as the north star. The daydreamer in me would then magine what was on the other side of the sky. Today, as I am writing this, I now know what nortern lights look like. I indeed saw them in person thanks to a job and a flight to yellowknife. However, when I did this painting I had no clue, just mere references from pictures on the internet of these beauties. The interpretation of the wonders I hadn't yet seen were magical, colorful and surreal but the ones I saw in reality were simply green.. I wish to go back to hunt for better ones honestly xD The little bear constellation was a big part of my childhood which fed dreams leading me to where I am now. What I realised and want to share is that I believe it is worth to pursue dreams but please enjoy the pursuit because sometimes the journey and the fuel to it is really where the magic lays. ;)