Now I see you

Now I see you






What the eyes see often is different from what the heart sees. Once the heart perceives, the eyes can truly see beyound the flesh and the actions. The eyes usually can remember the person physically, but it is only once the heart realizes the truth that both physical appearance and feelings about a person can merge together. As a result,  I believe many people can't sense who to trust and it takes a lot to get out of dellusions. Many see only the good in people but also many develop trust issues. This painting is the all seeing eye the one who sees and feels at the same time. It's an eye I wish I could have myself as it is a creature of truth. ''Now I see you'' as who you are. ''Now I see you'' therefore I decide before I get blind-sighted. I take in the reality, I accept the obvious and I protect us both. If the future could hold hope for many generations of love and trust they would create this all seeing eye.