Honeyy was inspired from my first ever overseas trip to China where I connected more deeply to my inner strenght as a tiger from the chinese zodiac signs. Red: representing joy, happiness and luck in traditional chinese symbolisim to which I added my own interpretation of this color : passion & strenght. The carved out dragon statue I saw in Chengdu kuanzhai alleys reminded me of glory as I saw all the tossed coins at the bottom of the filled up bassin. The golden reflections which are now imprinted on the bright background of the canvas flicker permanently, reminding me of this special moment. Additionally,  to show purity in the often associated color of blood, Red, I mixed in the white snow. Finally, to attach this world of symbolism to a more down to earth representation, I added some flora which connects this world to the one of my interpretation of beauty which leaves me with a strong impact to not say any less.  This journey is also where I found the idea of stamping my art with a traditional yet refreshing way of showing my identity.

This is where Shu Li was born.