Where my demons are safe

Where my demons are safe



18'' x 24''



I created this piece during a period of time where I had to say no to what was stopping me in life. I realized that I was painting my fears and that I was beeing harsh towards them. Instead I found that I could give them a world where they could aspire to be be who they were proudly  and where all seemed possible. If I was asked to represent a time capsule this would be it. I wanted everything to  be at peace and serene, therefore, I portrayed a place where chaos can be organized, almost godly like. The creatures I feared  and painted about for months, I realized,  were part of me and I did not need to be ashamed of them. I could paint them imprisoned yet happy at ease.. basically however I wanted them to be. To me they became almost like guardian angels in interaction with different dimensions with access to places within me I hadn't dug into yet. The expression of the world being upside down became literal through my play of colors. The dripping effect I used represents the essence going upwards and and the flares from earth coming from the sky which is a contradiction to reality itself.  Embracing what you are afraid of sometimes gives you that kind of empowerment where nothing can take away from you and what seems to be permanent ends up being a world you can play with. This is why I named this piece Where my demons are safe. They are free from my judgment and they can be whoever they want to be no matter which interpretation they will be faced with. This piece is most defenitely about self-love, acceptance and embracing every part of who you are.